My name is Jolaika Funk. I was born and raised in Paraguay, South America. I moved to Canada at the age of six. I picked up my first camera in high school and have been inseparable ever since!

 I am a Winnipeg photographer who specializes in portraits and weddings. Something I especially enjoy is film photography. I love to incorporate that into my sessions. 

I went to PrairieView School of Photography back in 2015 to learn more about this amazing craft. Since then I have been building my portfolio and meeting some incredible clients through wedding and portrait sessions. 

This last year I also graduated from Be-You-Tee Factory to become a certified make-up artist. I am always striving to grow as an artist and picking up new mediums.

I started my passion for photography with digital photo manipulation. I have always considered myself an editor first. I think my advanced knowledge in post production sets me apart from the rest. I absolutely love having full control in the final product!