Hi, I'm Jolaika Burton.

My name is pronounced Joe-like-ah but I also go by Jo for short. I moved to Canada at the age of six from Paraguay. I lost my accent but I still speak German. I loooove thrifting, DIY and repurposing things in my home. I am 100% inspired by Renaissance-era art.

I am a Winnipeg photographer who specializes in portraits and weddings. I am super friendly, and energetic and love cracking jokes during my sessions. I'm very camera shy, which helps me relate to my clients and make them feel more comfortable. In my spare time, I love shooting film. I plan to incorporate more film photos into my sessions soon.

I started my passion for photography with digital photo manipulation – I’ve always considered myself an editor first. My advanced knowledge of post-production helps set me apart from the rest and ensures I have more control over the final result. I also dabble in floral design and have a certificate in Make-up Artistry. Art comes in many forms for me!

Personalizing photo sessions is my specialty – I customize each session and choose poses that best reflect you and your relationship.